Educator Testimonials

I love your Tree of Life--thanks for sharing it! I teach high school biology and I've made it the desktop background on my presentation computer. It elicits lots of interest from students, and it's intuitively comprehensible to them. It's a really fantastic teaching tool. Andrew, Minneapolis, September 2012

Love the website. Helpful and wonderful resource! Jessica, Bangor, February 2013

The posters are even better than I thought. They are great! Tim, Oregon, May 2013

I'm really looking forward to my students' reactions to the poster. It's an amazing piece of art! Suzanne, Massachusetts, April 2013

…your amazing tree of life… is probably the most iconic representation of the tree of life. Gary, United Kingdom, February 2013

I bought two tree of life posters from you a couple years ago, and I just wanted to write and thank you for putting them together. I have one hanging (in our house), and the other hanging up in my high school science classroom. It is an extremely valuable tool for explaining to people what evolution actually is. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. I am not aware of any comparable alternatives, so the diagram is very important to me. Science Teacher, Georgia, May 2013

Simply marvelous! Your efforts are absolutely outstanding, and I so appreciate that you are fighting the fight! We need more like you. Professor, University of Kentucky

I love the aesthetic and functional beauty of the poster graphic. It is a beautiful creation. Carrie, Oregon, January 2015

(It shows) how beautifully we are all connected. Your image is the best. I received (both) posters: I have them on display right outside my office…in a small community college,…filled with very conservative…folks. The poster is a sweet, wonderful way of introducing these young students to the world of science. Thank you! Jewel, Wyoming, April, 2015

I saw your poster in a lecture slide by Daniel Dennett. I found it spectacular, and much easier to visualize the tree of life this way via isotime contours. Thanks for your effort for the support of science and evolution! Sedar, West Virginia, September, 2017

I love, LOVE, your Tree of Life Stanislav, December, 2017

Wonderful interactive website! Science Teacher Kristin, California, January 2019